Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rumor has it....

For everything that I love about our little town of Blue Ridge there is one thing that is kind of crazy and that is the rumor mill….I guess for some rumors are just more exciting than the truth.

Let me start at the beginning.  I felt I had weathered the storm with the separation of Shawn and I last year…wow… did the rumors fly then, but we intentionally decided not to address it publicly because quite frankly it wasn’t anything interesting.  For the record Shawn is doing great.  He works with one of my vendors so we chat often and while I miss him dearly we are in a very good place.  Even though he has no ownership in Gatewood Hall Gracious Home he is very supportive. He is after all the other original creator of this business and I believe he sincerely wants to see it thrive.

So now this most recent issue…It started out so innocently.  A small space came available on Main Street, some people I know mentioned it to me, I inquired as a secondary or satellite location to help drive business to the big was already leased basically the end of the story.  Let me say this, I love the West Side.  I have the most wonderful landlord, I love our space.  Great neighbors (Pat and Polina of Blue Ridge Brewery, Cindy at Design Re-Find and Linda at L&L Beanery are amazing for this town!) but in retail it is location, and one can’t help but wonder “how would I do in that other location?  Is it better?” 

All of a sudden I am bombarded with questions and comments.  “When are you moving?”, “I hate you are closing”, “I heard the business is for sale”, “I know exactly where you are moving” and my favorite “when is the big going out of business sale?”  Sad thing is being perpetuated. There are indeed a few businesses for sale on Main Street and in Blue Ridge however GATEWOOD HALL IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Furthermore… I HAVE NO INTENTION OF MOVING OR CLOSING MY BUSINESS AT THIS TIME.  (Whew!)

So here is the deal.  I’m in it!  I have never been more excited yet content (if that makes sense?).  I realize that several of you have said you never get to see me…I hate that the most.  I promise I am here, especially behind the scenes, doing all the buying, marketing, and planning.  I am in the store most weekends “holding court” as I call it because I love visiting with you…I’m usually worthless on Saturdays to the rest of the team but, I sure have a good time!  Apparently many of you are early birds and beat me in the morning so we miss each other.

Most of you know that I have a corporate position that I LOVE! (My real job, as I call it) I still maintain homes in Blue Ridge and in Atlanta.  It is busy but I enjoy both so much I’m not willing to give either up just yet… However, that is why I am so thankful for my GH team Chrissy, Val, Bonnie and Brenda for keeping it all together in my absence.  I couldn’t have better or more loyal people looking out for me, and who care about my beloved store the way that I do. 

As I continue to try and “squelch” rumors let me share this…We will be closing for a few days just to do very minor “fluffing”, paint, restaging etc.  I have a ton of new merchandise, several new lines and I am revamping a few things.  Originally my goal was to have very different things…  I am going back to the original GH model, I will cherry pick lines, buy small amounts, market samples, “one of a kind” finds, etc.  When they are gone- they are gone and we will move on to new things (I know how you all are, and you are like me- we love new stuff!) Don't worry we will still keep our favorite staples but I am buying from all over the place and searching for lines that offer protection or exclusivity. I also want to get back to the blog I promise…it means so much to me that several of you tell me you miss it!!  (Actually you have no idea! I love sharing and inspiring!) 

Finally, this was probably way too much info…but heck, I consider you family… I feel like if you took the time to read this verbose post you truly care. I want to say this... I mean, YELL this from the rooftops- THANK YOU-THANK YOU- THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and Gatewood Hall.  Your loyalty is not taken lightly.  I know that oftentimes you can go online or even somewhere else to purchase things that you choose to buy from me and I appreciate it more than you know.  I always enjoy hearing from you so I welcome your comments and suggestions.  See a line that you love? As long as it is not already in Blue Ridge let me know.  I'll check it out.  Let’s just continue to have fun while being so blessed to be enjoying our little part of heaven in the North Georgia Mountains!

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Kelli @ Life at 818 said...

Corky!! I found your blog! You and I talked and talked when I was up there last weekend with my friend, Mary Kay Thompson.. I want to see pictures soon! Hope you are well and I look forward to seeing you next time I visit Blue Ridge :)