Thursday, August 20, 2009

New arrivals this week!!

Our new merchandise is arriving and we literally have furniture stacked on top of furniture!!!

We love this stonewashed linen. These casual slip covered dining room chairs are beautiful and they look great mixed with other dining room chairs.

This desk is from a new furniture company that we found this fall in High Point. They are out of California and they have some really special pieces. We love the spooled legs, you will see them on a bar (pictured below). We also have a fantastic queen size, four poster bed that we don't have out yet (no room).

Two new chairs that are sooooo comfortable but even more stylish. The leather chair is a Relaxor (it's not called a "recliner" anymore) it is perfect for the man who wants to comfortably, recline and the woman who wants style.

This sofa is another new item, it has upgraded cushions making it unbelievably comfortable. The size is perfect. I loved this fabric and told Shawn that I had to use it on reminds me of old French grain sacks.

Did I mention books? We received orders from three publishers this week. We just purchased from teNeues Publishing Group for the first time. The titles include Luxury Houses- Country, Luxury Houses- Holiday Escapes, Luxury Hotels and Cool Restaurants- the cookbook. These books are so well done and make wonderful gifts. Also pictured above are two new Spanish arm chairs and a new bar that has mirror inside with glass shelves.

I am in love with this chair! If you have seen a version of this chair in design magazines you will not believe the price on this one!! The bird pillow is also new, it is from Dwell Studios.
Also in this week, a good deal of new art so please come in and see us!

Gatewood Hall Now Offers Baby & Kids Products!

Exciting news this week! We have opened our new section for the little ones. Over the years several of our customers have requested some nice baby nursery items and gifts so we decided to bring in this new category! The photo below is our newly opened baby room with one of our new lines called Serena and Lily. These two ladies have designed several famous celebrity nursery's and kids rooms and their line is fabulous. We are an exclusive rep in our area and we are thrilled to be able to bring this special line to north Georgia. The display bed is called Wren and it has beautiful crewel work. On the display form is one of the S&L baby slings that have become so very popular. It seems like every celebrity that has a baby has a sling from Serena and Lily just check out the magazines like People, US Weekly and In Style. We have a few different baby slings to choose from...they make great gifts and come in Serena and Lily's signature packaging.

One of our friends and neighbors Claudia helped us with some R&D and focus group like information (p.s. she and her husband Kevin have two beautiful young daughters also!!) and she said that we just had to get the Little Giraffe line as she and her friends loved their products...Gosh was she ever right! Talk about luxurious!! These are the softest and most silky blankets, security blankies, pillows and bath wraps that you can imagine. They have an adult line too and we have already had requests for those. Come in and feel these treats! Thanks Claudia for the great advice!

Of course we had to bring some cute toys and gifts too! We chose Jellycat from the U.K. for their stuffed animals. You won't believe how much personality these little guys have. We have already placed a second order. I love the little lamb below, it is called a "truffle" and it opens up to make a cozy pillow shape...

Another toy and gift line we are proud to offer is Elegant Baby. We have brought in some wonderful banks, baby books, cute socks that look like little Mary Jane shoes and of course their famous polka dot rubber duckies!

We will be offering free gift registry so please tell your friends that GH now has baby and kids stuff!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waxing Poetic- A New Gatewood Hall Line

We are so excited to bring you a new line of very special jewelry. Originally we never thought that we'd carry jewelry but we kept seeing this wonderful and unique line on celebrities, friends and some of our wonderful customers and we decided that we needed to check into it. The line is called Waxing Poetic and it is a GH exclusive in our area. There are several imitations, but none equal the originality and quality of WP.

New Jersey natives and sisters Patti and Lizanne Pagliei have a shared love of their tightly knit Italian American family. As fate would have it, an “ah-ha” moment brought the sisters even closer together in a venture that has now become a thriving business. Patti, an artist and designer, had an idea for a line of timeless insignia jewelry, that came to her swiftly when she was looking at old envelopes for a project she was working on. Together, the duo introduced Waxing Poetic jewelry in 2002 with just two styles, pulling their inspiration from the personal tradition of wax seals. Always on the hunt for new ideas, The Pagliei sisters are constantly curious - traveling, listening to stories and observing traditions gives them a fresh take on the modern heirlooms they create. And it's no surprise that they reach back into their happy childhoods for inspiration as well – to recall the stories behind their favorite objects, and create new, modern keepsakes that will be enjoyed now, and handed down for generations to come.

From their catalog: "We started with initials -- a way for us to mark our territory, honor those who gave us names to match the letters, claim other letters as equally important (husbands, sweethearts, Mom, best friends, wives, children, etc.), and spell out, in a way, a certain kind of meaning. And then we kept going. Why only letters? Why stop? Amulets, symbols, precious things to carry, zodiac signs, small treasures - these charms tell a story, a personal one: something that others can share but you have distinct charge of: how to relay a life, or several. Language makes us human. Love and naming ties us all together. Letters, symbols, and signs help tell our stories. We're honored to help you tell yours."

We love their mission, they say "We want to celebrate noticing – not just nostalgia, or memory, but active, right now, noticing. We want to make markers for sharing – for the big moments, and the tiny ones. We want to help pass along all our beautiful details, our milestones, love, wonder, life…and mischief…but above all, hope."

We are proud to bring this very special line to you! Some of our order has arrived this week so please come in this weekend and see it for yourself! We know that it will become a favorite of yours too!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Change in Plans...

Well it appears that we jumped the gun a little. It now looks like our expansion in our existing location is not going to happen. These last few weeks have been a series of ups and downs for us. Both Shawn and I have debated on the best way to handle and communicate our situation because we have had so many inquires and buzz about our expansion. We do know that the loyal folks that read our blog really care about us and our business. So we want to let you know (because we all know how word travels in our little town) what the status is on our expansion.

A few months ago we asked the owners of our building about the terms required to lease the entire building. They told us what they would require for a three year lease. We felt that even though the market was a little soft and that there were some better rates out there we knew that we liked our upstairs space and we felt we had a good relationship with them and it would be easier to stay in this building. We accepted their terms, and we thought everything was a done deal. We were just waiting on the current tenants to move out. Once they gave their official date to vacate a few weeks ago we made our exciting news "official" here on our blog. We received our lease and everything was exactly as we discussed so we signed it that day. Unfortunately the next day the landlords sent us an email stating that they made a mistake in the terms on the lease and would require additional fees for another deposit. We felt that since we had never paid rent late that the deposit they already held should do. However they disagreed and the bottom line is that we simply could not agree on terms. Therefore we decided against leasing their additional space.

We really wish we could have worked something out and to tell you the truth we are very disheartened. But we understand that they need to run their business the way that they want and we need to run our business the way that we want so we have no hard feelings. However, the one thing that we know for sure is that everything happens for a reason so we just need to move on. With that said we have had to make some quick adjustments. We have some great new merchandise that is already arriving, and some of our new furniture arrived today so please forgive us if the store is a little crowded. We will continue with some great sales to make way for the new stuff so please stop in and see us. Finally, we realize that it is going to be extremely difficult to get traffic up the stairs especially until there is another merchant downstairs so PLEASE tell your friends about us, and where we are located. As always thank you for your continued support, we appreciate you more than you know. We will keep you posted once we determine what the future holds for Gatewood Hall Gracious Home!