Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cookin Chicks Comes to Blue Ridge!

We have a new business here Blue Ridge that has a concept that we just love! Let us introduce you to "Cookin' Chicks", they offer wonderful homemade meals without the hassle. Two self-described "Soccer Moms" said to themselves...just how many times can you go to the drive thru? They recognized that nearly everyone wants to be able to offer their family a nice homecooked meal, but the reality for many is that our busy, hectic and real world lives makes that goal nearly impossible.

The Cookin Chicks (pictured above) Nicole Hamilton Honeycutt and Kathryn Learn Harris have opened at 2460 East First Street Space C-6 Blue Ridge, (behind Taste of Amish).

Let Kathryn and Nicole do the shopping, chopping and cooking for you. Their meals make great gifts for a new neighbor, a friend with a new baby, or even a pot luck supper. They make a homemade meal ready to pop in the oven. The dinners include a main dish, a side dish and dessert that comes packaged (see cute is that) and ready for you to pick up!

An example of one of their delicious meals above, creamy chicken and wild rice, fresh salad with poppy seed dressing, and classic chocolate brownies...YUM! Currently their hours are Tuesday and Thursday 3:3o to 6:00PM, you can check out their FaceBook page for upcoming menus , you can call (706-455-0235) or email ( them to pre-order your supper!! Dinners are available for two, four or six people with prices from $15 to $35. We can't wait to try their meals out and hope you will also, tell them Corky & Shawn sent you!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Egg Cups...There Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!

We're bringing Egg Cups back! Although they are becoming more and more collectible, I started thinking about these handy little things almost three years ago when I was planning the Spring tablescape at our old location. Kelli and I had come across a photo in a magazine where someone had used them at each place setting and we loved the idea but our Easter merchandise had already been ordered and egg cups were not on the list. This January at the Atlanta market I ran across some and knew GH had to have them.

Sure you can use the egg cups in the traditional way for a hard boiled egg.

Or even to display some beautiful decorated Easter eggs (love these above by Martha Stewart!)

How about egg cups as flower vessels? I love this idea, so much that I recreated it using permanent flowers and faux eggs for our newest tablescape.

Clever as a place card holder!

I love the idea of using a collection in the photo above!

Add to a pedestal for a big bang for your buck, especially when utilizing a variety of flowers in the same color (Very French...oh la la!)

Another great by Martha and crew! Use them with tea lights for candles!

Probably one of my favorite ideas, with petite servings of salads, or in this case pimento cheese or you could do some fancy egg salad with some smoked salmon or caviar! YUM! Let me know what else you come up with! See you in the store!
Photo credits Martha Stewart & Southern Living

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Has Arrived At Gatewood Hall

Spring has arrived at Gatewood Hall Gracious Home! O.K. so today is a little confusing... as I write this we are having snow flurries, but my Forsythia (Yellow Bells) are in full bloom. Mother Nature is just messing with us! Nonetheless, Shawn and I are soooo ready for Spring, one of our favorite times of the year so we are doing our part to bring it into the store and get you inspired!

Vintage look chicks, Easter cards and bunny candy jars!

You will love the foil bunnies and vintage look Easter signs!

These faux Forsythia, and Dogwood branches are very realistic, just a sprig or two in a vase will brighten up any room!

People are always asking what they can do with their cloches or bell jars...Chocolate bunny under glass anyone?

We have a new tablescape! How about a spring garden party all done up with butterflies, french tulips, pussy willow, and of course our beautiful Juliska dinnerware!

Come by and I'll give you my "secret" yellow peeps cake recipe. (Is that Juliska cake pedestal and dome gorgeous or what?)

Everlasting Easter eggs and oh how I love egg cups, there are so many things that you can do with them, just ask me! I'll probably do a whole blog post about them. It should be a beautiful weekend, our clocks will be springing forward (Shawn is thrilled about that!) and so will we. Come see us (we have jelly beans) and we will get you in the mood for spring!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gatewood Hall Introduces Caldrea's Mandarin Vetiver

Most of you know that Caldrea creates quality, earth-friendly products in their exclusive signature fragrances for cleaning your entire home. They use the finest plant-derived ingredients and essential oils to provide natural freshness and cleaning potency. No harsh chemicals, no harsh fragrances; a simple, stylish and fresh approach to cleaning in a fragrance collection of your own choosing. We love Caldrea, we’re proud to be the exclusive local partner store in our area! We are also excited about sharing their newest collection!

Introducing a new twist to citrus in the Mandarin Vetiver Collection, new for Spring 2011. Herbaceous, woody vetiver has long been a favorite of the world’s most distinguished perfumeries and its timeless appeal makes it a modern classic. Fresh, light citrus is its perfect partner. Lively top notes of blood orange and grapefruit give way to tangerine blossoms and woody petitgrain. Earthy vetiver brings refinement and sensuality to balance this sublime citrus composition. Base notes of white thyme round out this chic fragrance, creating a fresh and lasting impression.

Vetiver is a fragrant grass native to India. Today it grows in tropical regions around the world, mostly for the perfume industry. In India, vetiver roots are woven into mats that are hung in doorways and misted with water to cool and refresh the air as it moves through the home. It is available in hand soap, lotion, dish soap, laundry as well as room & linen spray. Come in and smell this new fragrance for yourself, we think you will love it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

More Spring Arrivals This Week! Come Check Us Out!

It has been a very busy week here at Gatewood hall Gracious Home as our new merchandise rolls in from the Atlanta Market. We have received Cucina's newest scent called Ginger and Sicilian Lemon. Olives have been cultivated along the shores of the Mediterranean for centuries. Their oil is treasured for its cosmetic qualities, and cleanses sensitive skin without over drying. Cucina Purifying Hand Wash is formulated with extra virgin olive oil and other olive derivatives for mild yet thorough cleansing. Subtly scented, this natural product is biodegradable and soft on skin. It is specially designed for use in the kitchen. Tangy citrus and exotic ginger team up for a deliciously fresh and inviting fragrance. We love it and know that you will too, perfect for the spring & summer. (**Remember Cucina discontinued the fig fragrance so this can be you new favorite!!)

So much great new wall art and mirrors arrived this week. Vintage transportation signs have become so popular. Typically these are found on canvas rolls around Europe, and were used on buses to show the routes. They can be really pricey, we found these reproductions with a great price point that you will love.

We love owls and thought these well-priced trays and dipping size bowls were wonderful!!

I have barely scratched the surface on all of the new merchandise, so you have to come in and check out our newest goods. (Easter goodies are here too!!) Look forward to seeing you this weekend!