Monday, December 17, 2012

My Simplified Holiday UPDATE!

Ok, I wanted to give you a quick update on how my simplified holiday is working out.  The photo above is in my kitchen of my mountain home.  Shawn and I bought this sign probably ten years ago, I thought it was sold with our first mountain cabin, somehow I just came across it last week in one of my storage buildings how serendipitous?!  So glad I found it I love it!

Saturday afternoon I left the store early and went to a wonderful holiday open house.  I have to tell you it was so nice, these are new friends who recently purchased a second home here in the mountains and they have done an amazing job on their new north Georgia getaway...So many clever things!  One of them is quite the cook and the food was outstanding.  Imagine this thick homemade sugar type cookie with sea salt, sprinkled on top...this cookie literally melted in your mouth!!! Or a chocolate chip whoopie pie!! I've been trying to be good but I could have gone crazy!...Sorry…I digress.  Just look at the next three photos!! 
Sugar Cookies (left) Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies! 
Red Velvet Peppermint Brownies & Coconut Cupcakes Love The Display!
Fun Way To Present Crudite
While at the open house I was visiting with some other friends and decided since I was "so prepared" I'd invite some of them over for a drink that evening.  I then realized it would be close to dinner time and they'd need more than a cocktail and some little nibbley things. 

Now you have to understand I am fortunately blessed with some of the most amazingly, smart and talented friends.  They can cook, decorate and more so, the pressure could be there.  But in staying with my whole "keeping it simple" mantra I decided to do just that…I now needed dinner for at least six and had about an hour to do it.

So I called a local restaurant and ordered two large pizzas, some pasta, salad and buttery, garlic rolls.  I came home transferred it into my own casserole dishes popped it into a warm oven.  I lit my candles, turned on the holiday music, set up a buffet style line, opened the bar, (poured myself a nice glass of red wine) and made a quick platter of olives, cheese, crackers, salami, and almonds.  Just in time for their arrival. 

It was so easy and my very gracious guests seemed to have a nice time. (None of them made fun of my "take out" food.  At least not to my face anyway!)

For dessert I served a platter of "bakery bought" cookies and egg nog (it was store bought but we "kicked it up" a bit) and then added nutmeg and cinnamon.  We sat in front of the fire, visited and relaxed.
Serve Egg Nog in a Martini Glass!
I believe that my friends and I realized that the food was not the primary component of our evening but it was the wonderful fellowship instead and that is what we enjoyed the most!  I'm loving my simplified holidays!  Hope you are making the most of yours! 

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