Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Wonderful Blue Ridge Memory! Thanks Jamie & Nathan

Shawn and I have attended many weddings...several because of the event component of Gatewood Hall. I happen to love weddings, I'm sentimental and often get a little "teary eyed" even if I barely know the couple. I guess I just like the significance, the ceremony, and even the hope of two people who among their friends and loved ones share this special time of commitment to one another.

This past evening we were fortunate enough to be guests at the wedding of Jamie Abercrombie and Nathan Nicholson. (I don’t always post about other people’s personal events but, I was so touched by last night that I wanted to share this experience with you. I received approval of the bride prior to posting this on the blog). I have to tell you that this truly was another special Blue Ridge Memory! An absolutely perfect North Georgia autumn evening at Aska Farms, the mountain vistas were amazing. As the sun dropped into the horizon we sat on bales of hay in a picturesque field, there were beautiful, rustic floral arrangements in mason jars, (designed with love by those creative Dorn gals!) We listened to some wonderful acoustic songs of love well chosen by Jamie (I'd actually love to have a cd because it was such a great mix!) and anxiously waited for the ceremony to begin. And when it began...Wow! The neutral color pallet, selected by the bride let everyone shine, honestly this was one of the most handsome bridal parties I have ever seen! (It was a bit of a hike from the house to the alter in the field) These beautiful ladies walked like professional models in high heels into the mountain field. I thought to myself poor Jamie has to make that hike in her gown... Not to worry she had already figured that one out...she was delivered to her obviously proud father in a beautifully restored 1955 Chevy! (How's that for a grand entrance?)

Jamie is a gorgeous young woman but on this day she was even more stunning and radiant she chose the perfect simple yet elegant gown by Vera Wang adorned with a fabulous custom necklace by her friend Lynn Kemp (Owner/Designer of Gawdy Baubles & Made It! jewelry). During the ceremony set against the most beautiful mountain backdrop it is hard to describe the special mood, but there was this peaceful calm that just felt so wonderful and sublime! From the wedding party including the bride, groom and even the guests it was just relaxed, intimate and genuinely fun. Who could ever ask for more on their special day?

A fantastic reception followed with delicious food and drink, fun toasts and dancing. It was a true celebration of two hearts joined together supported by people who sincerely wanted to be there and be a part of this special moment in Jamie and Nathan’s life.

As Shawn and I left the party we both commented “Now, that is what a wedding should feel like! What a great time!” The real message of this posting it that as I reflect on last night and what made it such a special time is that the Bride and her Groom really set the tone. Jamie and Nathan have been together nine years already (Their anniversary of their first date was this past Tuesday!)…so maybe that honest, heartfelt love generated this peaceful and ever-so-relaxed calm that everyone got to experience. What I know for sure is this…I along with everyone that I spoke with thoroughly enjoyed this special evening and I am happy that I was lucky enough to be a part of it! Jamie and Nathan thank you for such a special Blue Ridge Memory, we wish you all of the best for a wonderful life together with lots more love, laughter and happiness that you both deserve.