Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Check Out Our Friends New Business: The Wild Deal is Launched

Some friends of ours recently started a new business called The Wild Deal that we think is awesome. The concept is really great and we thought it would really appeal to many folks in our area. It is also great timing for graduation or Father’s day gift ideas.

The Wild Deal was launched by a small group of family and friends with a love for the outdoors. Some of them obsess about fishing, some obsess about hunting, and others just enjoy anything physically challenging and potentially dangerous in the realm of outdoor adventure. Being outdoors has always helped these folks escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Wild Deal was created with the intent of helping others escape to the outdoors in an affordable fashion. The hope is that the great deals they bring to people, will help them be able to escape more often, or maybe even allow someone to really escape for the first time.

Select your territory and choose from deals like rafting on the Nantahala River, or deep sea fishing in Florida. There are even some side deals for gear and equipment. The Wild Deal obtains incredible discounts in the fields of Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Adventure and makes these discounts available to you through the use of a collective buying business model. Because they bring a large volume of customers to retailers and guide services, the retailers and guide services in turn save time and money on marketing, and are willing to pass the savings on to you.

The core value at The Wild Deal is quality. They only deal with guide services and suppliers that provide quality experiences and quality products. There's no risk involved for you or the retailers and guides. It's a win-win for everyone. It's well worth it to them to sell their quality products and services at a discount, if it introduces them to a lot of new customers. And, it's definitely worth it for you - just check out the deals and please share this info with your friends and family too!

The email is info@thewilddeal.com

or their website is http://www.thewilddeal.com/

you can even follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Cason Larusso said...

That's some splendid idea they got there! It provides outdoor lovers out there a collection of good deals for their next adventure. But how do they manage such huge customer base?