Friday, May 13, 2011

The Fannin County Chamber is AWESOME!!

Our Fannin County Chamber ROCKS! We were asked to participate in an event that was held this past Thursday night to host several travel writers from across the US and Canada. The media marketplace event was called "A Little Taste of the Georgia Mountains", and we were honored to be asked to participate! We were paired with a restaurant and ours happened to be one of our favorite's Blue Ridge Brewery (Woo Hoo!)

Shawn, Brenda, Becky and Chrissy had the store all spruced up for our guests! I have to say I think our little town looked awesome! All of the merchants had really stepped up and put in some hard work to get camera ready for our guests.

One off our favorite artists and friends Lynn Kemp came to hang out with us show off her fabulous "Made It!" jewelry line with our visitors. They raved about her wonderful collection, we even sold a few pieces that night!

Oh man- you would not believe the spread that Blue Ridge Brewery put out! Lamb chop lollipops with herbed couscous, spinach pizzas, hummus triangles, Polina's famous open face egg salad with pepperoncini, charcuterie samplers (one of my ultimate favorites), their outrageous chocolate pie and of course some of Pat's very special beers! Without question team BRB BROUGHT IT!! Our guests were blown away...I saw one of them taking a photo of the lamb chop plate!! Shawn, Becky and I were very polite until all of the visitors had been through but let's just say when the last guest left our store "we helped clean up!!" and it was pure heaven!! Pat, Polina, Sandy and Beverly we are proud to have been teamed up with you, thanks for all of the hard work, and fun time!

We also sampled Girl & Fig Mostarda and our newest gourmet goodie from Atlanta, Georgia Hot Squeeze...our guests loved them!! (If you haven't tried them yet you are missing out!)

We had these stickers made up! Because we love our town, and we love our Chamber! Great job Jan, Elaine, Jode, Donna and the volunteers that made this special event happen! You all did a great job shining a light on our corner of the world, the event was so professional yet casual and gracious! THANK YOU, we appreciate all that you do!

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