Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Has Arrived At Gatewood Hall

Spring has arrived at Gatewood Hall Gracious Home! O.K. so today is a little confusing... as I write this we are having snow flurries, but my Forsythia (Yellow Bells) are in full bloom. Mother Nature is just messing with us! Nonetheless, Shawn and I are soooo ready for Spring, one of our favorite times of the year so we are doing our part to bring it into the store and get you inspired!

Vintage look chicks, Easter cards and bunny candy jars!

You will love the foil bunnies and vintage look Easter signs!

These faux Forsythia, and Dogwood branches are very realistic, just a sprig or two in a vase will brighten up any room!

People are always asking what they can do with their cloches or bell jars...Chocolate bunny under glass anyone?

We have a new tablescape! How about a spring garden party all done up with butterflies, french tulips, pussy willow, and of course our beautiful Juliska dinnerware!

Come by and I'll give you my "secret" yellow peeps cake recipe. (Is that Juliska cake pedestal and dome gorgeous or what?)

Everlasting Easter eggs and oh how I love egg cups, there are so many things that you can do with them, just ask me! I'll probably do a whole blog post about them. It should be a beautiful weekend, our clocks will be springing forward (Shawn is thrilled about that!) and so will we. Come see us (we have jelly beans) and we will get you in the mood for spring!

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