Saturday, March 12, 2011

Egg Cups...There Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!

We're bringing Egg Cups back! Although they are becoming more and more collectible, I started thinking about these handy little things almost three years ago when I was planning the Spring tablescape at our old location. Kelli and I had come across a photo in a magazine where someone had used them at each place setting and we loved the idea but our Easter merchandise had already been ordered and egg cups were not on the list. This January at the Atlanta market I ran across some and knew GH had to have them.

Sure you can use the egg cups in the traditional way for a hard boiled egg.

Or even to display some beautiful decorated Easter eggs (love these above by Martha Stewart!)

How about egg cups as flower vessels? I love this idea, so much that I recreated it using permanent flowers and faux eggs for our newest tablescape.

Clever as a place card holder!

I love the idea of using a collection in the photo above!

Add to a pedestal for a big bang for your buck, especially when utilizing a variety of flowers in the same color (Very French...oh la la!)

Another great by Martha and crew! Use them with tea lights for candles!

Probably one of my favorite ideas, with petite servings of salads, or in this case pimento cheese or you could do some fancy egg salad with some smoked salmon or caviar! YUM! Let me know what else you come up with! See you in the store!
Photo credits Martha Stewart & Southern Living

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