Friday, October 1, 2010

Wonderful Things!

It has been a very busy week at Gatewood Hall, as many of you know Shawn is in Europe so I can't thank Becky and Brenda enough for helping "hold down the fort" while he was away. We have received so much new inventory (a bunch of Holiday arrived this week...Oh just wait until you see!!!)

One of the new items we have just put out is a limited edition fragrance by Archipelago called Black Forest. It is the soothing scent of Douglas Fir and Ebony wood and a subtle hint of Black Currant so perfect for the mountains especially this time of year. We have the 8 oz. diffusers and the hand poured, soy wax blend candle (which will burn for more than 50 hours). The packaging is beautiful and would make a very nice gift. Come in and smell for yourself.

A few weeks ago artist Ande Cooke turned me onto this blog called Honey and Jam and I have to tell you I love it. Here is the kicker...the writer and food photographer is local, she along with her mother and the rest of the family are said to make some of the most wonderful artisan breads that they sell locally, usually at the Blue Ridge Farmers Market. Well I fell in love with the blog the young lady is named Hannah, and her photography is absolutely beautiful! I probably sound crazy but I believe she captures the essence and feeling of the food with such simple nuance. Twice while at the farmers market I have looked for her so that I could introduce myself (I I sound like a stalker!) unfortunately Hannah and her family haven't been there.

This past Sunday I arrived late to the store and Becky is helping some folks and I just jump in to do my usual wrapping with tissue and bows and the customer says these things are for my daughter she is a food photographer...(Ping, my ears perked up) I said who is your daughter because I think I am one of her new groupies...and sure enough it was Hannah turns our that she and her family have been in a few times and she buys some of her photo props from GH! The entire family (her sisters were there also, I think they thought I was nuts because I was so excited to meet all of them) were so very nice. Turns out they have been really busy with other stuff and that is why they haven't been at the market. Hopefully they will get back there before the season ends. In the meantime grab a cup of tea sit back and enjoy Hannah's beautiful, mouth-watering blog you will enjoy it and you deserve it!

Finally, while Shawn is away Becky and I decided we'd have a sale (teach him to leave us behind!!). Handbags and wallets are 15% to 50% off, all in-stock jewelry is 20% off, Cat Studio is 25% off, and we are still marking down. It is almost time for the High Point market so we need to make room for more new things! Stop in and see us this weekend, the fresh autumn weather has been AWESOME!


Lisa said...

I appreciate you featuring Hannah and her blog.
We'll be in soon, I have been in the hospital.
We love your store!!

Lisa Q

hannah at honey & jam said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I used one of the pieces I purchased at your store a couple of weeks ago for some photos! I love it!

here's one of the shots: