Friday, April 9, 2010

What An Exciting Week!! THANK YOU!

What a great and exciting week! We have been so overwhelmed by everyone's gracious and kind response to our new store. The support that our families, clients, friends and team have shown to us over the last few months has been appreciated more than you know. The old saying that "it takes a village" has never been more true. Both Shawn and I want to say thanks to some people who helped us to get through the ups and downs of this move.

First to our families, as many of you know Shawn's mom and dad came down a few times and helped us for days. My dad came from North Carolina with one of his good friends and brought a crew of nine that helped get a ton of things done. All along my mom was there to listen and encourage us to push on through some of the drama and obstacles that we faced with the move and build out. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Bunky, Virgina, Larry, and Patti! We love you and appreciate your support

Thanks to our clients, it never ceased to amaze us that just when we had nearly reached our wits end we'd run into one of you who would say something kind, you'd be excited for us, and as they say enthusiasm is contagious and we'd push on!

Thanks to our friends yes "we got by with a little help from our friends!" Especially Layne Prather... YOU ROCK! You were like a guardian angel, from packing, moving, directing, and cleaning you helped us so much that we just can't thank you enough.

To our GH team- Frank (our newest buddy), Carlos, Brenda and Kelli- THANK YOU! We really appreciate your hard work, your patience for putting up with us and helping us with the creative design vision that Shawn and I had for Gatewood Hall.

We have some bittersweet news. You may have heard that Kelli Luaces is no longer with us. We guess it is sort of like being proud parents to be able to say that after 2 1/2 years of our training and working with Kelli she's grown...she has been offered and accepted an exciting position as the creative director of Petaluma Collective, an intresting new concept that will be opening soon here in Blue Ridge. We wish her well and the best of luck in her new role. With that said we are happy to say that we have nearly finalized the hiring of our two new team members that we will tell you more about a little later!

Finally, we are about to go crazy to let you know about the most exciting, happy news that we received this week. But we can't just yet...Stay tuned for our big proud announcement!

Come see us this weekend we have received some great new items...Be sure to check out Lenny and Eva! It's an awesome new jewelry line exclusive to Gatewood Hall. You'll just love it!

See you soon!

Corky & Shawn

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