Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter Goodies

It is almost Easter and we have the store decorated with bunnies, baskets, birds and nests.

This rabbit tureen is beautiful all year long, shown here atop our Juliska cake pedestal and the new Jardin du Monde dessert plates.

Look at this beautiful Easter table that Kelli put together! I love this time of year. Growing up my mother would decorate for all of the holidays but I have to say I think she loves Spring and Easter the most and she always goes all out. When I emailed these photos to her prior to this posting she went crazy and loved them! For her Easter surprise I put together a box with all of the components, (even the moss) and shipped them to North Carolina so that she could do them at her house! I hope that these vignettes really inspire you to take a few minutes to put out some happy Spring arrangements in your home! We have everything you need, and we can show you how to do it yourself.

The small bird nests are so realistic and you can do so much with them. Notice one in the cloche above (our customers are always asking what they should put inside their cloche's) and they look great attached to a wonderful Spring wreath.

Hop in and see us! We've added a coupon above to give you a little extra incentive to make your way in. We look forward to seeing you!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Discover Our New Low Country Luxe Candles

"Just what we need another candle line"...That is what Shawn and I said to each other after we bought the new Low Country Luxe Candle line...but we couldn't help ourselves. After receiving the Gullah candle as a gift I knew that we had to secure this line so that we could share it with you, our wonderful friends and clients.

As you knonw the Low Country forms just north of Charleston, SC, extending to the last barrier islands of the Georgia coast. For generations, tranquil oaks draped in Spanish moss have canopied the ever-changing tides and vast marshes. Rich in history, culture, and tradition, the Low Country lures one to discover its small towns and islands, along with a luxe way of life. We really love this area.

Natalie Evans, of Savannah Georgia (One of our absolute FAVORITE towns) is the founder of this wonderful company. She brings her talent and vision to create her southern botanical fragrances that capture the unique charm of life in the south. We also love that Natalie believes in giving back. With each new product launch, a portion of the proceeds of sales are contributed to many important charities. Each candle has a enclosure card that names the actual charity and why she chose it.

These eco-chic candles are 100% soy and made in America. Each candle is 13 oz. and provides over 100 hours of illumination. They burn very clean...honestly down to the bottom of the glass. There is no waste in this candle. The packaging is impeccable which makes them a very special and beautiful gift. Low Country Luxe has been featured on Paula Deen's favorite holiday list, Coastal Living magazine, Oprah and this months Southern Lady. The fragrances that we carry are:

Gullah: (MY FAVORITE!!) A sweet floral creation featuring a potent and intense floral heart of southern magnolia, gardenia, American holly, clean musk, exotic benzoin resin, and a warm background of vanilla and oak wood. Especially nice this time of year!

Savannah: (SHAWN'S FAVORITE!!) A contemporary floral-fruity blend of freesia, jasmine buds, white rose petals, water lilies and a sweet, fruity finish of forest berries, vanilla light lemon, and musk.

Charleston: A masterful blend featuring white magnolia, camellia, azaleas, lilac, lavender, violet, boisde, rose, and pine with cucumber.

You have just got to come in and smell these luxurious treats!! Print the coupon attached and take $5.00 off!! See you this weekend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The New Caldrea Products Have Arrived

We have had the exclusive on Caldrea for more than two years and we are one of the best selling boutique stores in Georgia. The reason we sell so much of it is because we really believe in it!Caldrea philosophy is that caring for our homes should be just as luxurious as caring for our bodies. Therefore, their purpose is to create a premier home cleaning experience through beautiful products and passionate know-how. Several of our customers have told us that these products actually make cleaning house enjoyable!

Caldrea creates quality, earth-friendly products in their exclusive signature fragrances for cleaning your entire home. We especially LOVE the laundry products and counter top cleaner. They use the finest plant-derived ingredients and essential oils to provide natural freshness and cleaning potency. No harsh chemicals, no harsh fragrances; a simple, stylish and fresh approach to cleaning in a fragrance collection of your own choosing. All Caldrea products are biodegradable and are not tested on animals.

Their new home fragrance NO.17 SEA SALT NEROLI is inspired by bright, clear mornings at the shore, this watery composition opens with sparkling essential oils of Lemon Verbena and warm spice from Cardamon. An exquisite white floral heart is supplied by Neroli, the blossom of a bitter orange tree native to Tunisia. Unique mineral notes enhance the fresh sea experience, seemingly adding salt to the air. Lovely woods and sophisticated musk ground this aquatic delight to the land, and provide a home cleaning experience unlike any other.

Caldrea has also introduced a new personal care line called FIDDLEHEAD FERN. Verdant, light and fresh as dew on the curlicue of a fiddlehead fern, this new enchanting fragrance was inspired by a walk through the woods in spring. Notes of pear, mint, grass and Lilly of the Valley create a cool freshness. The luxurious products in this line include body mist, wash and cream as well as a candle and fragrance diffuser. You will enjoy the rituals of body care with this exhilarating renewal of spring. Stop in today to try these wonderful new products.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Low Country Produce

Have you tried our exclusive Lowcountry Produce products? If not you are missing out on some good stuff! Lowcountry Produce is a purveyor of regional Southern delicacies from the coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia. All of their products are handmade and handpacked using only all-natural ingredients. About five years ago, Lowcountry Produce decided to collect their own regional and family recipes and produce those special foods to let people have a continuing connection to the way things used to be. Their efforts have been well received, and our customers have been glad to leave the canning and preserving process to them and reap the benefits of their labor by serving foods that are pretty close to what Grandma used to make.

As an authentic Southern artisan company the owners of LCP are true believers in their small-batch, hand-packed products. They support local farmers and they make each product at the time when the key ingredients are at their peak. Their recipes represent the best food traditions of the lowcountry. Located in Lobeco, South Carolina, we believe that Lowcountry Produce brings you the best of these unique flavors.

The LCP Green Tomato Pickles are outrageous, they were even written up in the "foodie section" of the New York Times. You should try these babies on a hamburger or turkey sandwich! One of our favorite customers said "after all the time I took to can green tomatoes this past summer, and these are even better than mine!". The Dilly Beans are wonderful, these tart, pickled string beans add just the right amount of crunch to a salad or even to stick in a Bloody Mary. An old lowcountry favorite are the Artichoke Pickles they are made with Jerusalem artichokes and are both sweet and crunchy.

Do you like chutney? Haven't really tried it? We call the LCP Peach Chutney the 'beginner chutney'. For people not familiar with chutneys, this is a great one to start with! It is a beautiful color, not too clovey with a just a little spice. The perfect compliment to pork or game. There is so much you can do with the Pear Chutney! The pears and ginger make it the perfect side to any special meal, but is also a delicious addition to your panini sandwich. Great as an hors d'oeuvre when poured over cream cheese or warm brie. Not too spicy at all, but just a hint of cayenne pepper here and there. It is a really elegant chutney! Ginger and pears are such a delicious combination. The Ginger Pear Preserve is really versatile. A nice addition to your breakfast toast or wonderful as another quick hors d'oeuvre idea when poured over brie. For the ultimate bagel schmear, combine the Ginger Pear Preserves with softened cream cheese and spread, spread, spread! The preserves and chutneys are great to keep in the pantry not only to "gourmet" up a meal but to be able to whip up a "nice and easy" treat when company drops in!
Our Rebecca LOVES the Jalapeno and garlic that gives the Lowcountry Black Bean Dip lots of flavor. Great for making a layered dip or fill those Tostito brand “Scoops” with a teaspoon of the Black Bean Dip. Then top with a dot of sour cream and garnish with a thin slice of scallion they look beautiful on a platter. Oh and the easy four step soup recipe below is fantastic.

We have more great recipes that we will share in the future! In the meantime stop in and try some of these delicious products. We will be doing some tastings this weekend. (That is if Rebecca doesn't eat all of them before you get there!!!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Check Out Our New Line

New arrival! Another new exclusive Gatewood Hall line that we are so excited to have. These products have a history rooted in traditional craftsmanship and fine art. They have been located in Sonoma County, California since 1986 and isn't it wonderful to have something made in the USA? As a cooperative of designers, artists and craftsmen with a special emphasis in the culinary arts for over twenty years they produce a variety of products that reflect the lifestyle of wine country living. Their latest collection, has focused on the fine art of food presentation. We love their collection of what we would call “table jewelry”, chef’s tools and gourmet salts, beautifully packaged with an emphasis for gift giving, which really adds elegance and style to the table, in the kitchen and throughout the home. Pictured above is the grapevine pewter salt cellar with a salt spoon, accompanied by the most wonderful vintage red wine infused sea salt. This ensemble is an elegant addition to any table.

This handcast pewter salt cellar is modeled from a real Chardonnay grape leaf.

Cut from a vineyard garden, the sunflower salt cellar and leaf spoon adds a classical touch for all seasons. We also love the Botanica inspired spreaders! Each one is about 5.5" long and would make a great hostess gift especially when paired with some of our gourmet spread or beautiful Caspari napkins. We have the grapevine, dragonfly and honey bee.

Please be sure to come in and check out our new arrivals. We can't wait to see you!