Saturday, March 21, 2009

Discover Our New Low Country Luxe Candles

"Just what we need another candle line"...That is what Shawn and I said to each other after we bought the new Low Country Luxe Candle line...but we couldn't help ourselves. After receiving the Gullah candle as a gift I knew that we had to secure this line so that we could share it with you, our wonderful friends and clients.

As you knonw the Low Country forms just north of Charleston, SC, extending to the last barrier islands of the Georgia coast. For generations, tranquil oaks draped in Spanish moss have canopied the ever-changing tides and vast marshes. Rich in history, culture, and tradition, the Low Country lures one to discover its small towns and islands, along with a luxe way of life. We really love this area.

Natalie Evans, of Savannah Georgia (One of our absolute FAVORITE towns) is the founder of this wonderful company. She brings her talent and vision to create her southern botanical fragrances that capture the unique charm of life in the south. We also love that Natalie believes in giving back. With each new product launch, a portion of the proceeds of sales are contributed to many important charities. Each candle has a enclosure card that names the actual charity and why she chose it.

These eco-chic candles are 100% soy and made in America. Each candle is 13 oz. and provides over 100 hours of illumination. They burn very clean...honestly down to the bottom of the glass. There is no waste in this candle. The packaging is impeccable which makes them a very special and beautiful gift. Low Country Luxe has been featured on Paula Deen's favorite holiday list, Coastal Living magazine, Oprah and this months Southern Lady. The fragrances that we carry are:

Gullah: (MY FAVORITE!!) A sweet floral creation featuring a potent and intense floral heart of southern magnolia, gardenia, American holly, clean musk, exotic benzoin resin, and a warm background of vanilla and oak wood. Especially nice this time of year!

Savannah: (SHAWN'S FAVORITE!!) A contemporary floral-fruity blend of freesia, jasmine buds, white rose petals, water lilies and a sweet, fruity finish of forest berries, vanilla light lemon, and musk.

Charleston: A masterful blend featuring white magnolia, camellia, azaleas, lilac, lavender, violet, boisde, rose, and pine with cucumber.

You have just got to come in and smell these luxurious treats!! Print the coupon attached and take $5.00 off!! See you this weekend.


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