Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Paula Deen Furniture Arrives At GH

You may remember the photo below from a FaceBook post I did from the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, North Carolina back in April...Shawn and I were fortunate to meet Paula Deen again as they were doing the photo shoot above. We had the opportunity to have met her before in Savannah, this time she was so sweet she kindly said "I thought I recognized ya'll! warm from a woman who meets thousands of people! (And for the record I tried to take a photo of Shawn and Paula however, I was a little nervous...I was apparently shaking and the photo was blurry leaving many to ask if we got butter on the lens!)

At any rate we fell in love with her newest "Down Home" collection. We are told that many of the pieces are reinterpreted vintage and antique pieces that she personally owns. We just really felt whether you were a Paula Deen fan or not the line was so fresh, the details are very special and unique...we had to bring it to you.

The chair below comes in other finishes and in a arm chair version. It is called the Corrie Kitchen chair. I believe Corrie is Paula's niece, and we heard that she has a version of this chair in her guest apartment at Paula's Savannah home. We think it is a great scale and looks great at the Sawhorse desk.

Probably one of our favorites is the cabinet below (called the Dish Pantry), love the color combination! The details are wonderful. It is a perfect display piece in a dining room, living room or office.

These little cloverleaf shaped end tables below are called "Lemonade Stands" and the colors are wonderful. So unique they feel vintage. There are several finishes including Molasses (dark rich, stain), Porch Swing (Distressed white), Screen Door (a blue green), and Oatmeal.

Another great cabinet below called Paula's Kitchen is really fabulous! We thought it would be perfect for a small kitchen in a cabin or lake house. It is finished so beautifully inside, it has an outlet for appliances, wouldn't that be wonderful in a guest suite with a coffee maker, or mini microwave? Love it!!

This great drop leaf end table below is wonderful in the living room but, wouldn't it be great between two twin beds!

Come in and see some of these wonderful new pieces for yourself. They really are special and we are thrilled to be able to bring them to you. As Paula might say...See ya'll soon!!!

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Gayle Barton said...

Love the idea of using the "Paula's Kitchen Organizer" in a guest suite. I have a friend I need to pass that on to!