Friday, June 10, 2011

Sansaba for Your Summer Pantry

This week we are highlighting a perfect product for your summer pantry. A longstanding GH Favorite... Sansaba Preserves! The original Peach, Pecan & Amaretto has been a top selling product for us since we opened and we still love it! All of the flavors are great over cream cheese and served with crackers for a great appetizer. One of our customers loves to make special sundaes with Breyer's vanilla ice cream, and I love to (O.K. I know this not a heart healthy recipe) pan fry homemade pound cake (from the freezer) in butter and then top with any flavor, add some whipped cream...YUM!

Try this recipe for a easy yet fantastic pie that everyone loves!

One of our customers made this pie for a church social and everyone went crazy over it. She was so excited because she isn't much of a cook so she is usually asked to bring paper products however, after this pie everyone asks her to bring dessert. She bought a case of Sansaba to have on hand, and get this she won't give out the recipe as it is now her "secret". While this recipe calls for peach, pecan and amaretto it really works well with any of their flavors.

It is great on pancakes, or waffles on slathered on a biscuit (another customer told me last week that she eats it straight from the jar! I'll mention no names, we don't judge!)

Finally, one of my favorites is to grill chicken and then baste it with the peach, pecan and jalapeno serve on rice and it is AWESOME!! Come try it out if you haven't already! A must have for your summer pantry.

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