Friday, February 25, 2011

New This Week at Gatewood Hall

We have already started receiving some of our new arrivals from the Atlanta Market! We decided to create a small "Bon Voyage Travel Section", we found some great and fun items to include!! From one of our new lines (pictured above) are some clever map motif items. We have a hip flask, luggage tag, and toiletries kit. We also have thermos, and matching wrapping paper! We thought these would make great gifts for friends heading out on a vacation, graduation or even for retirement!

When Shawn went to Europe I picked him up a "City Walks" deck set for Paris, he said it was so fun. There are several walks that you can do around the city in which you are traveling so you can ditch the usual tourist traps and vacation like a native—on foot! With 50 adventures to choose from in each deck, just pick a card from the deck and be on your way. Whether you're a first time visitor to the city, or just want to discover new terrain, City Walks gives you an intimate view. Each card in the deck outlines a self-guided walking adventure, with a detailed map on the front and information on the back filled with insider tips. So, pick a card, any card, and start exploring! We also found some great travel journals and "best of" type books like the one above for Paris Markets and nearby restaurant recommendations (love that one!!). Be sure to check out our new travel section and let us know what you think!!

When we came across Ridley's old fashioned novelties we knew we had to get some of these for our store. Shawn and I loved the vintage packaging and thought that these would be so much fun especially for those of you who have cabins! The first series we ordered is the classic garden game of croquet and the now popular again bocce ball (perfect for Spring which is just around the corner!) Seriously, how fun would it be to have garden party? Invite friends over for nice spring brunch or early evening supper, have some drinks and play croquet and bocce ball!! (Be sure to take photos and share with us!!). We thought these would make great house warming gifts or even a great Father's day gift! We also have the compendium set with those old-fashioned games of pick-up-sticks, marbles, jacks, dominos and a yo-yo. This would be perfect to have tucked away for the kids or grandchildren to pull out on a rainy day, play games and have some contests. I think the packaging is so cool that it would look great in your living area on a shelf or coffee table!

Other arrivals include some great accessories, some new art, mirrors and a new shipment of books! Come see us this weekend!

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These yard games look wonderful