Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Market 2011

As I mentioned in previous FB postings it is Winter Market Time again in Atlanta. We enjoy and love this time of year because we usually find some fabulous new things at this show. This year we had to work a little harder than normal because of the "blizzard". We finally made it in and it was a mess, but once inside we forgot our troubles and "got to shopping and buying"!! We are so excited because today was very productive..we already bought two new lines that we just know you are going to LOVE!!

Above Shawn with one of our favorite reps and friends Jill looking at some of the new Lenny and Eva items (THEY ARE AWESOME!!!), Waxing Poetic has some really exciting new entries too! We found a ton of great new accessories, as a matter of fact while we did do some re-ordering I'd say that 90% of what we purchased today is brand, spanking new product! We found some great new art, and you will be amazed at some of the new candles. We can't wait to show and tell you more about our unique and wonderful things! Wish us luck tomorrow!! While we are away go in and see Becky we have put out some fantastic new Valentines goodies. Have a great weekend!

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