Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh Boy Have We Got Some New Arrivals For You!!

Boy oh boy, have we got some new arrivals for you! We (and by we I mean Shawn, Becky and Brenda...because I've been in ATL) have been busy all week receiving, unpacking and displaying "new stuff". We have some funky, fun, vintage and one-of-a-kind stuff pictured above (I especially love the lamp and zinc trough!)

We thought these water and wine glasses were great. They are from a new vendor that we are very excited about because they really have some unusual items!

These French hand-painted dessert plates would make lovely gift, or would they would be great to hang on the wall. We have the hens, the gardener and cherries. Wait until you see them in person because the photo just doesn't do them justice.

Lenny & Eva introduced these cool new necklaces that you can personalize with your vintage sentiments and charms, they also have some great new leather braided wrap bracelets that you can wear several different ways. All you L&E lovers need to come in and check out these new will have to add them to your collection.

When we were at the mart I can't tell you how much time we spent reading and laughing at the Anne Taintor merchandise! We have some of her new items including pill boxes, magnetic postcards, matches, shot glasses, coin purses, bags, flasks and of course napkins. Come in for a giggle!

We also received a shipment of books...a lot...(so please come in an buy some Shawn is ready to kill me...I can't help it...I LOVE BOOKS!). JellyCat Stuffed animals they are the best...wait until you see the new guys! Caspari napkins, including some of the new fall patterns. Pre de Provence soaps...and new handbags !!! Woo Hoo! Come in and see us this weekend. Shawn and I will be there to take you on a tour of the newest goods! Can't wait to see you!

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