Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Sometimes I forget how much I love Blue Ridge! Years ago when we bought our place up here I told Shawn that I'd never take our beautiful long range mountain view for granted...Well I think I may have to some degree. Recently, we worked on a project in South Georgia, I have also been busy in Atlanta so I really haven't been up here for a few weeks. I have to tell you when I arrived this evening it just felt so good to be here and I took a look at our view and thought to myself, wow I have really missed my mountain home.

I'm also pretty patriotic, and with all of our concerns I still consider myself so fortunate to be be an American, living in this wonderful country of ours. I think Fourth of July in our north Georgia town is a really fun and special time. Americana at it's best.

Get up early Saturday and go downtown to our wonderful Blue Ridge Farmers Market in the park, oh the local goodies that you will find!! Then head over to L&L Beanery Cafe and have their delicious breakfast Casserole! By now it should be close to 10AM and time for the Annual Fourth of July Parade so head over to the park near East Main. This year the bands are awesome so ENJOY!! Go into Love Dogs & Cats Too and see Larry and Ricki and pick up some treats for that lucky cat or dog. Pop into the Little Shop and stock up on those wonderful Hallmark cards. If you haven't been in the new location of The Multitude Gallery just next door, you will be stunned at how beautiful and spacious it is. David has some beautiful new items! Now you need to make your way over to see us at Gatewood Hall. Come in and say hi and check out some of our new arrivals...Now you can go visit Just Judy, Kristina Lee's and the Gnarley Bear. I bet you will be getting hungry so now you can go visit Pat and Polina at the fabulous Blue Ridge Brewery (I am sooo craving their summer gazpacho and house burger!!) for some great lunch and a glass of wine or special beer. When you are finished you will be primed to head over to see Sarah at Out of the Blue...Oh the wonderful things to try and buy...(not just my favorite girl that Sarah, but one of my favorite shops!!) How about some delicious fudge from Three Sisters Fudge, just across the street from Sarah's. You still need to go see Bradley and Candel at Fezziwig's and make your way into ssShiney Baubles for that special piece of "bling". There is still just so much to do in our beautiful downtown Blue Ridge we've only scratched the surface.

Tonight don't miss the fireworks over Lake Blue Ridge! Have a great and safe Fourth of July!! See you downtown!

Below are some photos of our recent model project we completed in South Georgia!

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Anonymous said...

Corky, I love the linens in the guest bedroom, especially the floral pillows! I visited your store this summer while spending time with my mother in Blue Ridge, and wonder if you ship any of your store items or offer design advice online? I live in the Philadelphia area.