Friday, February 26, 2010

Moving Sale Madness Continues This Weekend!

YES, THE MOVING SALE MADNESS CONTINUES!!! We are making great progress at the new location, but we are starting to realize how much stuff will have to be moved...UGH! So we have gone crazy marking even more stuff down! Everything in the store is at least 25% off! There are a ton of items spread throughout the store that have been red-lined now to 50% off. Finally, for some really outrageous bargains check out the "Last Chance" items which include samples, odds and ends as well as some slightly damaged merchandise that are more than 75% off...If you're like me this is the stuff I love to find at sales...I guess it brings out the creative treasure hunter in all of us! (The one that loves it when someone admires something in your home and you get to say you won't believe what I paid for was such a great deal!). We look forward to seeing you soon! THANK YOUR FOR YOUR BUSINESS, ENJOY THE MADNESS & HAPPY SHOPPING!

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