Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gatewood Hall Is Moving To The Old Post Office!

Yes it's true! We are finally happy to announce that we are moving and expanding with more of what you love! (We actually signed the lease this time before making our announcement!) We are taking the old Blue Ridge Post Office on Depot Street, just next to the Blue Ridge Brewery. We are so excited as we will have nearly three times the square footage! We have a huge, private parking lot for our guests, no stairs for you to climb and an actual covered loading dock for our furniture (oh the simple pleasures)!!
We are already getting lots of questions like, "Will your new store have a post office theme?" or "How will you decorate around the post office boxes?"...and several folks have made the comment "Will it be the same look as your store now?" So here are the answers to those burning questions...No post office theme, no decorating around the PO boxes (they took those with them). Finally, while we have loved the space we are in now, and we are so proud that we originated our "setting or stage" in Blue Ridge it is no longer original because others have tried to recreate it. So- while we promise that we will not change our overall business model, we will maintain our desire for unique and special merchandise, and we will not get rid of any of our exclusive brands that you love. We will remain constant to our passion for gracious living and helping you create the lifestyle that reflects who you are by staying beyond "the trendy"...With that said we do have some exciting changes in store and the "look of our stage" will not be the will be better! Most importantly we will strive to be original, and always bring you an exceptional shopping experience.
WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! Every day we feel so very fortunate that we get to run our little business, do what we do, and be able to share it with you! Thank you for helping make our dream a reality.

We'll keep you posted on our progress! We are thinking that it will be early 2010 when we open our new location. Go over and take a peak inside before we cover up the windows and get to work setting the stage of our new destination! (Hey and say a little prayer that Shawn and I don't drive each other crazy in the process!!)

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