Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank You Fannin Chamber Guests!

Thank you so much to all of the Fannin County Chamber members who attended our business after hours tonight. We are so thrilled at the huge turnout (we were told by a few folks that this was one of the largest turn-outs this year!!). It was our pleasure to be the host. And we met some of the nicest new members.
Special thanks to Sarah Auman owner of the most fabulous "Out of the Blue" shop for helping us out with the wine tasting! As always Sarah helps to choose the best wines! (Go see her or click on the link under friends and neighbors). I also want to thank Kathy and Linda from L&L Beanery and Cafe who catered our event. As always the food was wonderful, I especially loved the bacon wrapped shrimp as well as the hummus & feta bruschetta! (oh who am I kidding I loved it all and the desserts were awesome too!) Some more special thanks to Kelli and Rebecca our GH Gals who worked diligently to help us get ready for our gathering. They had to make all of the "GH Swag Bags" that we gave to our guests as well as our gift baskets for the door prize drawings. Speaking of...congrats to all of our winners especially Kitty a loyal GH fan who won the fifty dollar GH Gift certificate prize! Enjoy your goodies everyone.
Last but not least a HUGE THANK YOU to Jan Hackett and the rest of the Fannin County Chamber team for letting us host this fun event. We appreciate your tireless efforts and all of the hard work you do to promote our beloved county and town!

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