Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waxing Poetic- A New Gatewood Hall Line

We are so excited to bring you a new line of very special jewelry. Originally we never thought that we'd carry jewelry but we kept seeing this wonderful and unique line on celebrities, friends and some of our wonderful customers and we decided that we needed to check into it. The line is called Waxing Poetic and it is a GH exclusive in our area. There are several imitations, but none equal the originality and quality of WP.

New Jersey natives and sisters Patti and Lizanne Pagliei have a shared love of their tightly knit Italian American family. As fate would have it, an “ah-ha” moment brought the sisters even closer together in a venture that has now become a thriving business. Patti, an artist and designer, had an idea for a line of timeless insignia jewelry, that came to her swiftly when she was looking at old envelopes for a project she was working on. Together, the duo introduced Waxing Poetic jewelry in 2002 with just two styles, pulling their inspiration from the personal tradition of wax seals. Always on the hunt for new ideas, The Pagliei sisters are constantly curious - traveling, listening to stories and observing traditions gives them a fresh take on the modern heirlooms they create. And it's no surprise that they reach back into their happy childhoods for inspiration as well – to recall the stories behind their favorite objects, and create new, modern keepsakes that will be enjoyed now, and handed down for generations to come.

From their catalog: "We started with initials -- a way for us to mark our territory, honor those who gave us names to match the letters, claim other letters as equally important (husbands, sweethearts, Mom, best friends, wives, children, etc.), and spell out, in a way, a certain kind of meaning. And then we kept going. Why only letters? Why stop? Amulets, symbols, precious things to carry, zodiac signs, small treasures - these charms tell a story, a personal one: something that others can share but you have distinct charge of: how to relay a life, or several. Language makes us human. Love and naming ties us all together. Letters, symbols, and signs help tell our stories. We're honored to help you tell yours."

We love their mission, they say "We want to celebrate noticing – not just nostalgia, or memory, but active, right now, noticing. We want to make markers for sharing – for the big moments, and the tiny ones. We want to help pass along all our beautiful details, our milestones, love, wonder, life…and mischief…but above all, hope."

We are proud to bring this very special line to you! Some of our order has arrived this week so please come in this weekend and see it for yourself! We know that it will become a favorite of yours too!

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