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2010 Color and Trend Forecast

According to trend forecasters the down economy touches everything, and all agree that in these particular times it will provide some key influences on the color palettes for 2010. "Color trends are not conjured up using a crystal ball. They are the result of much observation of our surrounding natural world as well as the influences that will impact our world in the future," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "These factors include socioeconomic issues, technology, lifestyles and playstyles, diversions, entertainment, and most
importantly, the needs, moods, fantasies and aspirations of consumers.”

While Shawn and I were in High Point for the International Home Furnishings show we found that there are four most-watched home and interior palettes for the 2010 color forecast that are said to be directly tied to how people will be weathering the tough economy. In a recent article by Lindsey Strader of Home Accents today Magazine she discusses the four palettes. The first (probably my current favorite) “Safe Haven”, focuses on playing it safe, which translates into a palette dominated mostly by neutrals. The second, “Great Escape!” delves into the idea of a total escape, glancing to the far-off exoticism of Africa, Russia and Dubai. Lustrous metallics and spicy tones populate the spectrum of this palette. The third, “Radical Rules” represents a complete backlash to the norm. This palette encourages experimentation and innovation, yielding a daring array of unexpected brights. Finally the fourth, (and Shawn’s favorite) “Natural Embrace” is an assembly of vegetable colors and earthy tones that represents the times by the turning to nature and our immediate surroundings to get by.

Palette I- Safe Haven

Leatrice Eisman, Pantone Color Institute’s executive director states “Historically, when money is tight and there is a concern for the longevity of a given color, people have a tendency to play it safe with neutrals,” that usually applies to bigger ticket items like large furnishings and carpeting, she said, but “nevertheless, neutrals will continue to be an important part of the decision-making process for items within the home.” Pantone's take on this palette is titled Tinged Neutral. The tones are considered the most directional neutrals for 2010 and include Olive Gray, Taupe Gray, Silver Gray, Charcoal Gray, Tea, Bog, Champagne Beige and Angora. “Some are tinged with green or blue, and there is, as always, a classic off-white,” Eiseman said. Neutrals also begin to venture in a new direction with touches of luster as seen with Champagne Beige, she added.

The Color Association predicts that grays will gain importance and become the neutral of the season. “There is a noticeable shift towards browns becoming more taupe with several variations appearing in the group, each containing subtle differences,” Harrington said.

The photos of the Lee chairs below are some that we just ordered at the Market in High Point. They are wonderful! Slip covered in a new neutral stonewashed linen called Belize Camel. Definitely a safe but, extremely beautiful colorway...and very comfortable!

Palette II- Great Escape!

According to her article Strader says, “The visible effects of the uncertainty of the times are also playing out in palettes that reveal the need to take a mental or physical break from the here and now. This translates into hues that breathe exoticism and luxury”.

Pantone's Gatherings palette, inspired primarily by the continent of Africa with its vastness and complexities, brings together a compilation of colors that demonstrate the uniqueness of the region, said Eiseman. The colors in the palette are reflective of the creative boldness of artifacts and handicrafts. Spicy hues such as Lemon Curry and Copper Coin mix with Cypress Green, Smoke Blue, Sand, Oasis, Lion and Twilight Mauve.

Palette III- Radical Rules

“In today's challenging economic climate you need colors and designs that are fresh and exciting to get the consumer's attention and to get them to buy,” said The Trend Curve's Michelle Lamb.”

“Innovation advances common materials with an element of fun and alternative thinking Pantone Color Institute's palette titled Pastiche is reflective of the “continuation of the irreverent direction that has been and continues to be influenced by Japanese anime — a movement that has made major inroads into the world of design and color,” said Leatrice Eiseman. Pastiche is marked by an incongruous combination of materials and colors. “This palette illustrates not only a collection of unexpected styles, but colors as well.”

Combinations such as soft lavender and Absinthe Green partner with Chipmunk Brown, or that same shade of brown can be mixed with Mimosa Yellow, Strawberry Ice and docile Little Boy Blue. The pairings are idiosyncratic with Bright Cobalt, Tangerine and Duffel Bag Gray being another option.

Some of our new Dash & Albert rugs pictured below fit this fun and exciting palette! (We now have samples of Every Dash Rug in our store! Come check them out!!)

Palette IV- Natural Embrace

“As we enter a new decade, the importance of sustainability is still at the forefront,” said The Color Association's Leslie Harrington. “The concept of eco-friendly as a trend is replaced with the belief that it is a responsibility.” Gardening has emerged as America's No.1 hobby and farmers markets and shopping at whole foods stores are gaining in popularity, Harrington said. “Organic living is critical for many and not a luxury but a must,” she said, which is having a visible impact on colors for 2010.

The Color Association forecasts vegetable colors, plant colors and soil colors to showcase Mother Nature in her full glory. “Earthy colors do not always have to directly translate into earth tones or a dull palette of color,” Harrington said. “They can in fact be colors full of life and vitality."

“The need for healthier and more artisanal foods has grown from traditional farmers markets to greenmarkets,” said Pantone's Leatrice Eiseman. “Found on country roads or urban lots, these visually appealing and taste-tempting sites invite us to stop and sample a broader and more diverse selection of goods and goodies.” Pantone's Greenmarket palette includes colors such as Tomato Puree, Vanilla Ice, Chutney, Paprika, Dijon, Apple Green, Super Lemon, Peach Blossom and Beaujolais. The colors entice and appeal to both the eyes and taste buds” Eiseman said.

I know that this is a lot of information! But I hope it provides some good food for thought to help you with your "Gracious Home"!

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