Friday, February 6, 2009

Love For Sale

Not everyone wants to do the same old chocolate and flowers for their special Valentine so, with that in mind we thought we'd help Cupid out by providing some special and unique GH gift ideas.

We just recieved some wonderful hand blown hour-glasses filled with white sand which would make a beautiful gift. We could wrap it up in some scarlett tissue and wide satin ribbon along with a enclosure that says "Valentine, I love spending hours with you" or Kelli's pick "Our love is timeless" special, and romantic. We also have some great Pre de Provence men's shaving products and our new Waterl'eau soaps that would make a special and luxurious gift for him. Be sure to check out our new barware hand carved bottle openers and some great glasses.

How about a wonderfully seductive candle? We have so many to choose from, the Votivo Red Currant is a wonderful choice. The scent is very layered, rich and certainly addictive. We could pair it with some Queen of Heart matches to make a special treat. Our Pinecone Hill PJ's are great too, and who wouldn't love a bright red Sheepy Fleece robe?...So Cozy!!

Along with some great Valentine candies, and our fabulous gourmet goodies we have some beautiful live, heart shaped topiaries in both Angel Vine (pictured) and sweet Jasmine. Come in and see us. We are Cupid's helpers so come in this weekend and we can assist you in finding that perfect and unique gift!

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